Director's Reel

The Melting Pot

Role: Producer, Director
Status: Filming

Genre: Docuseries

What does it mean to be an American? The melting pot encompasses the grand ideal that America offers refuge to people from all over the world, giving them the opportunity for their best selves to emerge and assimilate into the American tapestry. Afterall, everyone in America, with the exception of indiginous people, and African Americans, who came as slaves, are immigrants. The Melting Pot explores the personal stories of multiple generations of immigrants to the United States from all over the world. The structure of the docuseries comprises interviews, both audio and visual, juxtaposed with visuals of the country of origin, and the American lifestyle of each family.

I Was Never Awake

Role: Writer, Director, Producer
Status: Script

Genre: Drama 

Dawn, a middle aged divorcee struggles to deal with her loneliness and lack of purpose after her only child Julia goes to college. She becomes involved with the leader of a Buddhist spiritual group, and her practice offers her a path to finding peace.

Love in the Time of Corona

Role: Co-writer with with Monica Kumar
Status: Script
Genre: Romantic Comedy

An unlikely pair of roommates discover a hidden attraction when they are forced to shelter in place together due to Corona.

Gods and Demons

Role: Writer, Director, Co-producer
Status: Script 

Genre: Drama 

Gods and Demons is the story of an American doctor who opens a free clinic in rural South Africa. When a nihilistic European man contracts malaria and ends up in her clinic, the ensuing relationship puts both of them in turmoil and forces her to make difficult decisions.

Gods and Demons film image

The Valley

Role: Writer, Director, Co-producer
Status: Released 2017

Genre: Drama, Suspense 

When affluent Silicon Valley entrepreneur Neal Kumar’s bright and beautiful daughter, Maya, tragically commits suicide during her freshman year of college, no one seems to know why. In his frantic quest to find the truth – and as his seemingly idyllic life and family begins to unravel – Neal discovers many things about himself and his own choices.

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20 Weeks

Role: Executive Producer
Status: Released 2016
Genre: Drama 

A couple must decide on how to move forward when their baby is diagnosed with a serious health condition at the 20-week scan.

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Saila Kariat

About Saila

Born in Berkeley, CA, Saila Kariat’s family moved to India as a toddler, then immigrated to Canada when she was eight. By the time she was 21, she had lived in 24 houses and attended five high schools. The resulting isolation was alleviated in a world of books and movies. She returned to the US at this age, and ironically ended up settling back in the Bay Area. 

Obtaining a Ph.D., she worked as an electrical engineer for 10 years. In that capacity, she was a research staff member at the prestigious IBM T.J. Watson research center, where she developed computer aided design tools for analyzing electromagnetic effects; and worked as a development manager at IBM overseeing 28 engineers developing CAD tools for chip design.

As director of marketing at the high-tech start-up CadMOS, she conceived, wrote and developed a video titled “Who Wants to be Noise Aware,” which served as the basis of CadMOS trade show presence. The successful marketing campaign is largely credited with providing the impetus for the sale of CadMOS.

Over the next eight years, children took a higher priority and she launched a successful residential construction business, in order to achieve the flexibility to raise two daughters. During this time, she also found the time to finally pursue her passion for cinema, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in film from San Jose State, where was valedictorian of her graduating class.

She has directed several short films and written shorts and feature-length screenplays. Her screenplay Minor Gods was selected as a finalist for best feature screenplay at the California State University Media Arts Festival. The Valley, her feature directorial debut, tells the story of a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley who seeks answers after the suicide of his bright and promising daughter.  It is a commentary on the stress filled, anxiety inducing lifestyle which has become prevalent in our technologically driven modern society.   The Valley was in numerous film festivals, won Best Feature Film in five festivals, and was well received by audiences. She has completed several screenplays “Gods and Demons”  and “Love in the Time of Corona”.   She is working on her latest screenplay “I Was Never Awake”, which she will co-produce and direct.